From Rome with love: RETC 2016

There in old saying from Italy: “All roads lead to Rome”. That was our mindset when we were asked to participate in the Rotman European Trading Competition less than two weeks before it took place. A challenge, to be sure, but we took it by the horns.

From August 25th to August 27th, a team of four of us from Masters in Financial Economics, Business and Strategy took part in the simulated stock market competition at LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome. Along with 28 other teams from European universities, we put on our trading caps and strategized our way to 13th place.

Norway being a non-EU country, we were invited a little late to the game and therefore had much less time to prepare than the other teams. BI won the last competition in 2012, so we also had big shoes to fill. We worked hard and are really proud of the result.

The competition was divided into five cases covering aspects such as commodity trading, bond trading, security trading, credit risk and good old time trading on the floor (also known as pit trading). Each team member was assigned a particular role to earn as much profit as possible, while adapting to the different scenarios.

Beyond being proud of the results of our efforts, we got to represent BI and Norway.

While not all roads lead to Rome, ours at least led through it. Despite the time pressure and the intensity of competing against 28 fully-prepared teams, we had an experience that not only put our classroom-knowledge to the test but our characters too. Our futures may not all be on the trading floor but taking part in RETC has padded out our CVs, shown us what the ‘real’ world of trading can be like and gave us the experience of performing as a team in competitive environment.

We would like to encourage every BI student with an interest in trading and asset pricing to participate in future editions of RETC. Not only did we develop our financial knowledge but it’s also very exciting being surrounded by people with the same interests, who could become friends and professional connections. We would like to thank LUISS Guido Carli University for the invitation, and BI for making our trip to the competition possible.

Many thanks from Margaryta Kazakova, Stig Bordvik, Anmol Juneja and Veronika Hoff

retc crop

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