5 ways to celebrate summer in Norway

Exams have ended but some of you will be staying in Norway this summer. Good decision! While the postcard image of Norway is cosy cabins nestled at the feet of snow-topped mountains, the summers here can be pretty spectacular too. Check out BI International Summer Programme participant Daan van Dijk’s video of his time here. Then, for more inspiration, read on for activities to book into your diary.

1. Island hopping
Who needs to catch a plane to paradise when you have several islands just minutes from Oslo? Each island has unique character, beaches, history and plenty of BBQ spots. All the islands are easily accessible with a boat from Aker Brygge and if you already have a ticket for zone one, then there’s no ticket cost! To plan your island-hopping retreat, read more here.

2. Camping in the wilderness
Ok, so maybe not wilderness Yellowstone-park-style but surrounded by trees and wildlife, at least. Norway has a law that roughly translates to Right to Roam, stating that you may set up camp anywhere at least 150 metres from the nearest inhabited house or cabin. Whether you choose to explore the forests surrounding Oslo or the valleys of Flåm, Norway’s nature can literally become your playground. As blogger Chris Brinley JR puts it: “Oslo, Norway is one of the world’s most expensive cities, but it simultaneously offers the world’s cheapest accommodations.”

3. Get a panoramic view of Oslo from Holmenkollen
We’ll let this video do the talking.

More information on activities and how to get there here.

4. Be a tourist again
Do you remember how excited you were to explore Oslo as a new city? Get back in touch with your inner tourist with an Oslo Pass, which can take you to nearly all the museums and galleries in the capital. You can’t really say you explored Oslo until you’ve seen Munch’s The Scream and cruised along the fjord.

5. Swing among the treetops
During the summer, Oslo’s winter park swaps out snowboards for ziplines and slopes for rope courses. Oslo summer park is an exhilarating experience of battling your way through an assault course among the treetops, with a view of endless forest and all at an affordable price. It’s also quite the work-out and a good way to excuse an extra ice cream or two. See information on ticket prices and more here.

Of course these are just a handful of ways to make the most of the midnight sun and land of fjords. What are your travel tips for a summer in Norway? Leave a comment!

Click to discover the BI International Summer Programme.

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