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BI’s impressive student union, the SBIO has an incredible range of opportunities that you as BI students can be a part of. Whether that is a sport Committee, like squash or cross-country skiing, or a social committee like Showtime that organizes movie screenings, or more academic ones like the Networking Society.

They provide great opportunities to mingle with company representatives to get your foot in the job-market whilst developing your hard-/soft-skills through professional courses. In addition, we have numerous Projects going on that are open and engage the entire student body. From a professional event like the famous Karrieredagene (Career Days) where you get to interact with one-hundred companies and learn from fascinating speakers, to ones like Fadderullan, which is the enrollment week that focuses on concerts, and interaction between both new and old students to get you integrated into life at BI.

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Evidently, everyone at BI is part of an academic program that possesses an Association Board responsible for organizing happenings outside the classroom. This ranges from social evenings, partnerships agreements for their course, to trips abroad with several company presentations. Last but not least, we also have Staff Functions. These are professional working sub-organs like Markedsavdelingen, who negotiate deals with partners for student promotional offers that all BI students benefit from

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These four strategic working areas consist of thousands of students that make up the entire union. All this is overseen, empowered and supported by the SBIO Management in close cooperation with BI. Our team consist of nine incredibly ambitious, professional and hardworking individuals that are responsible for all strategic working areas, which aim to maximize the welfare of students in their time at BI.

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As for myself, my name is Cristobal Pohle Vazquez, and I am the incredibly proud first international President of the SBIO organisation. I ensure the overall welfare of the union remains always as our highest priority, and that we set our strategy and work relentlessly towards sustainably  developing our union. Furthermore, I am responsible for SBIO’s employees, all strategic working areas, coordinating dialogue and cooperation with internal and external contacts, as well as ensuring good teamwork and motivating the SBIO Management to strive to develop and revolutionize our union.

Come say Hei! when visiting us at BI, our doors are always open! Otherwise, you can find out more about all the fantastic things you can be a part of on http://www.sbio.no, or contact me directly under leder@sbio.no.

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