Sara’s India Experience (With Video)

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see the YouTube video.


BI Exchange India Cattle .jpg

Studying abroad is an incredible experience that you will remember forever. If you are considering to study abroad then I would recommend you to spend as much time as possible thinking about the country and university that you want to go on exchange to. There are many options, so you should be sure of what you really want.

BI Exchange Market in Jaipur India .jpg

When I thought about the different countries that I am interested in I decided to read up on their culture. I think it is important to get familiar with the culture of a country in order to prepare yourself for changes. Furthermore, I realized that it is important to embrace and appreciate what you are experiencing instead of working against it.

BI Exchange Mumbai India .jpg

I also realized that preparation is everything. Vaccines helped me to enjoy India without the fear of getting sick. I do not regret that I had an extra credit card. It made me feel save in case something would have happened. All the practical stuff might sound boring, but believe me, the better you are prepared the easier your life will be.

BI Exchange India Spiritual Flags.jpg

However, my strongest advice is to explore the country, because you never really know what brilliant things might happen if you talk to strangers.

BI Exchange India Child Nature .jpg


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