The Multiple Facets Of A Master At BI

This an edited version of a post originally published on by Boonyawat on  “The coolest business place in Oslo!”

International student at BI.jpg

Boonyawat, from Bangkok, Thailand, is a current international student pursuing  a master degree in Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management. He has a strong foundation in Applied Microeconomics from his bachelor degree, and his former marketing-researcher career.

BI Master Students OSLO 3.jpg

All graduate degrees at BI are two-year programs. What makes them special to me is a third semester filled with alternatives. Only a handful of business schools in the world are capable of providing something comparable. I had no doubt that BI’s Master Degree would be a perfect choice for me.
During my alternative third semester I can take an additional minor. At other universities, a graduate degree is often stripped down to an intensive one-year master degree. Oftentimes this results in a year of anxiety and stress. It makes it impossible for a student to enjoy the time on campus. Here in Oslo I get the chance to get a high quality education while enjoying myself.

BI Master Students OSLO 2 (1).jpg

Another aspect that makes the BI Master Degree very attractive to me is that I get the opportunity to be educated in a broad range of fields. Nowadays many executives are one-track specialists that do not have the necessary tools to compete in an ever-changing world.
What makes BI even more attractive to me is BIExchange. Here at BI I get the opportunity to take an exchange semester at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. In today’s globalized world, having the opportunity to gain knowledge in several cultures gives me the cutting-edge knowledge that is necessary for a leading position. Going abroad as an international student would add value to my CV and capabilities.
Ultimately, BI offers me the option to take a double degree. Taking a second degree would be the cherry on top of my transcript. It gives me the opportunity to take a second graduate degree at a different university than BI. This would enhance my network and career paths.

BI Master Students OSLO 2 (2).jpg
This is for those students that collapse if they would need to sit through one more lecture or do this boring group assignment. The students who want to kick start their career as soon as possible can do an internship at some of the most well-known companies in Norway, while still earning college credits. That is definitely a win-win situation!
I hope you guys can now see why I did not wait a second to get my spot at BI.



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