BI Master Scholarships

This an edited version of a post originally published on “The coolest business place in Oslo!”

One reason I chose BI over other universities is the broad range of scholarships offered to talented students from all over the world. It shows that this business school prioritizes attacting the brightest minds.

BI Scholarships Ceremony.JPG

There are two types of scholarships; Master students can apply for them after submitting their applications.
The first one is the “BI Presidential Scholarship”. This one is intended to be granted to students with the most competitive grades. That means applicants with an ECTS grade avg. of A. It covers the full tuition fee for a two-year master’s degree. Some international students also qualify for an additional living cost scholarship. The second one is the “A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship”. The A. Wilhelmsen Foundation sponsors this scholarship to help Norway to become a stronger and more independent player in European higher education. There is no fixed amount, only a limit of NOK 75, 000, – a semester per student. The recipients and amounts will be named after the foundation has made an evaluation of the applications. In my opinion, this sounds like a pretty nice motivation to study especially hard!

BI Scholarship Recipients.JPG
When I came to BI, a cooperative and helpful but also competitive environment welcomed me. Professors and student kept motivating me, and therefore helped me to reach new levels that I never thought I would be able to reach. Together we contribute to a multi-perspective and exciting learning environment here at BI. I learned not just more about Norwegian culture, but also had the chance to be enriched by one of the most international and talented student bodies I have experienced thus far. I could not be happier that I have the chance to study at BI Norwegian Business as one of the BI Presidential Scholarship recipients.



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  1. Bryan says:

    Hey there, I’m really interested in applying for these scholarships to do a masters in organizational psychology at BI. Could you give me any more specific criteria on what they’re looking for and how competitive the process is? I come from a BI partner institution, have excellent grades (meet the requirement), come from a country with good diplomatic relations with Norway, am multilingual (including fluency in Mandarin as a non-Chinese) and have done international exchanges, volunteering, competitions and internships. Does it sound like I could be competitive?


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