BIICC 2016

BI International Case Competition is Norway’s only international case competition. The project invites prestigious schools from all over the world to compete in solving a real life business case, provided by our partner. However, the project is much more than just a case competition! BIICC 2016 offers a unique programme including social activities, workshops and events – both for the international contestants and all BI students.

Happy BI Students.PNG

From an early age, I have been engaged in sales businesses, in which the essential goal is to provide the solution to the problem of the customer. When I was accepted at BI in 2013, I immediately got involved in management consulting and case-solving. A year later, in 2014, I was responsible for the Case Competition during Karrieredagene at BI. This did not only bring forward a great personal potential, but also made me realize what competitions like these may attribute to the participants on a personal, social and academic level. Later that year, I joined the BI Case Study Club – and I have been passionately engaged in case-solving ever since.

In February 2015, I attended my first real case competition, conducted by KPMG. A few months later, I was selected by BI to represent Norway in the SDS International Case Competition in Queenstown, New Zealand. Although the only award we did bring home was the Spirit Cup, this was an amazing experience that not only challenged me academically, but also provided me with intercultural knowledge, a broader perspective, personal insight and a growing urge to further engage myself in case-solving.

BI Case Competition Team New Zealand.jpg

When being asked to represent BI in the BI International Case Competition, my answer was unavoidably “yes”. Solving cases – and participating in competitions like this – is an activity that both challenges me and allows me to further develop my skills. Case-solving requires dynamic team-work, targeted communication skills, mental clarity and dedication, to the client, to the team – and to yourself. BI International Case Competition is a great opportunity to develop these skills and gain insight to the expanding world of case-solving.

Case competitions do not only let you improve your academic skills and compete against other teams – they also allow you to connect with students from all around the world. During competitions, there are always numerous social activities with the participants and local buddies, whose objective is to ensure that there is a healthy social atmosphere and welcoming spirit during the competition. Considering the fact that the panel of judges consists of partners from major domestic and international companies, case competitions also provide unique opportunities to meet future employers.


I am extraordinarily excited to represent BI and Norway in the first BIICC, and I encourage all ambitious, problem-solving students to join BI Case Study Club and apply for next year’s competition, in order to improve their case-solving skills, and benefit from the social and academic aspects of participating in case competitions. It is an experience of a lifetime.


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