The Perks Of Going To BI

This is an edited version of a piece written by Rong Geng on ” The coolest business place in Oslo!

International BI Student.jpg

Rong Geng is from Xi’an, a historical city in China. She is currently a first year MSc in Financial Economics at BI. Before transferring to Norway, Rong graduated from CUFE with a bachelor degree. There she was an active member of the Student Union.

At BI, I have the opportunity to tailor my degree to my personality. I can go on BIExchange during my third semester, or take a double degree at some of the most prestigious universities around the globe.

That is the reason I chose BI over a university in China. BI gives me the opportunity to become internationally educated. In the end, this will give me a competitive advantage over other Chinese master students.
In today’s world, an excellent financial analyst and risk manager needs to have the ability to think globally. The only way to achieve this is to experience as many cultures as possible.

Another advantage of going abroad is that I have learned to adapt to different settings quickly. BI’s learning environment taught me to connect the dots and communicate in a professional way. However, what made BI especially attractive to me was its comprehensive exchange program.

BI Exchange Fair 2016.jpg


Looking at the list makes it clear that BI cooperates with the crème de la crème in each country. For example, Peking University has a partnership with BI. Back home in China everybody dreams about going to Peking University. I have even talked to some of my German and Swiss exchange friends about the quality of BI. All of them said that back in their countries BI is a highly respected institution.
I am truly grateful for all the potential options BI offers me for my educational future.

Bi Exchange Students Being Happy.PNG

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