The Resourceful Careers Service At BI

This is an edited version of a blog entry from Coolest Business Place in Oslo.

When it comes to choosing a place for higher education, not only the quality of the program matters to me, but also the opportunities I have after graduation. That’s the reason I chose BI.

BI Staff.PNG

At BI, students get support for their future career through the Careers Service.
The Careers Service has all necessary information for you to find a well suited job. The best part is that the career advisers are always smiling and going the extra mile to make the most out of an appointment.
Students can meet the Career Service staff in person on C3, or stay updated via the Career Portal with weekly position updates. The team is available Monday through Friday from 12.00 to 15.00 and Wednesday from 10.00 to 15.00. Most students make an appointment to get help improving their CV or preparing for an interview.

BI Careers Service Session.PNG
The Career Portal is something on a completely different level! On the portal, all BI students cannot only see job announcements ranging from internships to full-time jobs, but also keynote announcements. Throughout the semester, students can get tickets to interesting talks about career development. Last semester companies like BCG, EY, Accenture, PwC, DNV, and Nordea were hosting workshops regularly.
I have never had a bad experience with the Careers Service. When I made an appointment to improve my CV the counselor was unbelievably helpful. She began by showing me the most common CV format. She then spent a lot of time encouraging me to analyze myself through some questions, such as how I see myself and what my strengths and weaknesses are, but also how I want to be perceived. I felt that I got to know myself better. The counselor helped me to get a CV that I am confident in.

BI Careers Service.PNG


Undoubtedly, excellent academics help to create a strong foundation for a future career. Yet it may not be enough to achieve your career goal. BI Careers Service is certainly a perfect service that guides you to success.


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