The Secret World Of BI’s Library

This piece is an edited version of an article originally published by Yujin Jo in “Stranded in Norway”.

International BI Student.PNG

Yujin Jo is from South Korea and is currently enrolled as an MSc in Strategic Marketing Management. Upon finishing her bachelor’s degree within International Trade she went on to work at the U.S. Embassy for two years and later served as an Associate Brand Manager at Dr. Bronner’s in Korea. She loves spending time with friends and family. 

Hi, this is Yujin writing.

It’s already February, which means that we are well into our spring semester and new curriculum. Some like to study in their pyjamas and others prefer to study on campus. I used to perceive studying at home to be more productive. I soon changed my mind when I discovered BI’s unique campus library. It became my second home.
Let us take a sneak peek into the secret world inside the library.



Quite sweet, right?
The quiet area on the master student floor is my favourite spot in the library. The master area at BI feels like a secret club because you need a code to get in. It gives me the opportunity to focus on my studies without being disturbed.

The best part of a long day at BI is when a library staff kindly informs me that it’s closing hour (Opening Hours). No matter what I have studied, after spending some hours at the library, I have a sense of unconditional accomplishment. It is an addictive feeling!

BI Library Environment.jpg

There was a day when I struggled with some “number crunching” and my brain was almost non-functioning. Feeling a bit frustrated, I decided to put aside the numbers for a moment and stretch my legs. I took a walk across the library to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The moment I saw the sky my mind was blown. I realised that I am living in a country most people only see in fairy tale books. Absorbed in my daily academic routine, I had forgotten how lucky I am to experience Norway’s beauty. I feel that I am learning, growing, and becoming a better person while living in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. 


BI Library Interior Design.jpg



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